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Unleash the Celebration: Nurses Week Extravaganza at Scrubs of Evans

Get ready for an incredible contest at Scrubs of Evans! On Friday, May 12th, you have a chance to Win a Free Set of EPIC by IRG scrubs that will upgrade your style and comfort to a whole new level! But that’s not all – we’re also giving you the opportunity to nominate a deserving nurse who could use a relaxing spa day. And here’s the exciting part: if you win, your nominated nurse wins too!

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Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Medical Professional

Christmas is here, and that means it’s time to treat our loved ones to gifts that we know they will enjoy and use. If you’re still searching for what to get the medical professionals in your life, we at Scrubs of Evans have some great last minute deals you can take advantage of to make buying the best gift possible that much easier on your wallet.

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Discover Unify by Barco

Discover Unify by Barco® at Scrubs of Evans

Healthcare Workers give us their all every single day, pre and post-COVID, which is why Barco® has partnered with independent retailers such as Scrubs of Evans to create a great collection that medical workers can feel great about wearing. We want our customers to walk out of Scrubs of Evans knowing that we appreciate their commitment and strength, and are excited to share with the hardworking members of the medical community.

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Jogger Pant

To Jogger Pant or Not Jogger Pant: That is The Question!

Anyone who works in the healthcare industry knows that scrubs aren’t just a uniform—they’re a way of life. That’s why, throughout the years, scrubs have become more personalized with bright colors, fun characteristics, and new fabrics. Now scrub brands are focusing on something that all nurses, healthcare admin, etc, can agree on—comfort.

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Medical Uniforms

Men, Here’s Why Choosing Scrubs of Evans for Your Medical Uniforms is the Right Move

We are honored at Scrubs of Evans to offer the top medical uniforms, compression socks, shoes, and medical tools worldwide for the professionals who require them. High-quality clothing can give the wearer a polished appearance, comfort, functionality, and utility.

Shopping for scrubs is a common part of life for all healthcare workers—no matter the gender. Men often point to the lack of variety in men’s scrubs as a pain point they face in their profession. But your search is over. There are many stylish options available from brands that specialize in men’s scrubs, especially when you shop with Scrubs of Evans.

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Healing Hands

5 Reasons Why We Proudly Carry HH Works by Healing Hands

Comfort should never be sacrificed in the name of style. We strive to offer our brave men and women in healthcare only the best so they can always be at peak performance. This is why at Scrubs of Evans, we are proud to carry the HH Works collection by Healing Hands.

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Medical Professionals Cherokee Scrubs

Why Busy Medical Professionals Should Choose Allura By Cherokee Scrubs from Scrubs of Evans

At Scrubs of Evans, we’re fortunate to carry the world’s top brands of medical uniforms, compression socks, shoes, and accessories for the professionals who need them. High-quality apparel can provide a professional look and comfort, functionality, and utility for the person wearing them. One of the lines we carry is Cherokee—more specifically, one of their newest offerings called Allura. The last thing a medical professional needs to worry about is being stuffy, itchy, and uncomfortable during their shift. To that end, Cherokee Allura was born. Introduced in 2020, this is fashionable and practical, with four-way stretch, enhanced moisture-wicking, and styles designed to fit a range of body types. Each piece is made with performance fabric

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A medical professional wearing Sockwell gradual compression socks.

Why Sockwell Compression Socks Are the Best Choice for Medical Professionals

Studies show that professionals who are on their feet all day are at a greater risk of experiencing chronic discomfort and body aches as they age. As a medical professional, you have probably even ended several long shifts with tired, painful feet and swollen ankles. But in the long run, this can lead to several health complications, including varicose veins. As always, Scrubs of Evans is here with a stylish and comfortable answer to all your problems—our range of Sockwell compression socks can provide your feet with the comfort and support you need to power through those long 12-hour shifts. Keep reading to find out why you need to invest in several pairs of high-quality Sockwell graduated compression socks immediately.

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Scrubs By Med Couture Insight

Scrubs Made for You: Med Couture Insight Collection

If you work in the healthcare industry, there is a high chance that more than 50% of your life is spent wearing scrubs. Clearly, as a healthcare professional, you need scrubs that work as hard as you do—but, that’s no reason to compromise on fashion. So, where can you find scrubs that are of high quality, comfortable, durable, and made to satisfy all your needs—while making you look stylish and professional? This sounds like a job for the Med Couture Insight Collection, available at Scrubs of Evans! Keep reading to find out more about the different options available in this collection, and why many medical professionals love the scrubs from Med Couture.

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Group of Office Healthcare Workers

Get Group Uniforms On Demand at Scrubs of Evans

Does your entire organization wear scrubs? Lab coats? Maybe you’re the practice administrator or office manager and you’re in charge of ordering the scrubs for your office. But we all know how difficult it is to manage your day-to-day duties while also filling out scrub orders. That’s why Scrubs of Evans started a group ordering program to make your life easier. Not to mention the perks of group ordering—but we’ll tell you about those later! When you place a group order through Scrubs of Evans, you can depend on the process being simple, convenient, and easy because you are dealing with a reputable company.

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EDGE Scrubs

IRG Scrubs That Keep You on the EDGE of Your Seat

As a medical professional, you know how important scrubs are. After all, you probably spend more time in scrubs than you do in any other type of clothing. Because of this, you want scrubs that are durable, comfortable, but also don’t look like you’re wearing a tent with a drawstring. That’s where IRG EDGE scrubs come in! Read on to learn more about why many amazing medical providers prefer IRG for their professional uniforms, including why they’re a preferred supplier here at Scrubs of Evans.

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near medical Community

Scrubs of Evans has served the community for 13 years!

Mark and Heather Harrell met while he was pursuing a degree in business and she in nursing at Augusta State University. After marrying and building a life together, they prayed about combining their passions and opening a small business in Evans. Their prayers and vision became a reality in 2009 when they opened Scrubs of Evans. Mark runs the business while Heather still serves in the local medical community as a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). “We really took my business background and her nursing background and brought them together to create our business,” says Mark. “Everything we created was based on a healthcare worker’s perspective.”

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Sockwell Compression Socks

Why Should I Wear Compression Socks?

It’s hard to believe compression socks were once feared by nurses and healthcare professionals as a looming prescription from their physician when years of prolonged sitting or standing has taken a toll on their legs. Flash forward to the present, and the benefits of compression socks for nurses have embellished this wellness item into a trending uniform accessory across the healthcare industry. Fresh, modern designs and attention to technical features like arch support and seamless toe closures have made a full day of wearing compression a pleasure for nurses, rather than a nagging task.

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