To Jogger Pant or Not Jogger Pant: That is The Question!

Introducing: jogger pants!

Anyone who works in the healthcare industry knows that scrubs aren’t just a uniform—they’re a way of life. That’s why, throughout the years, scrubs have become more personalized with bright colors, fun characteristics, and new fabrics. Now scrub brands are focusing on something that all nurses, healthcare admin, etc, can agree on—comfort.

Benefits of Jogger Pant Scrubs

Jogger pant scrubs are relatively new to the world of scrubs. They have only become popular within the last few years. Within the first months of their conception, the demand for these types of scrubs was so insane that manufacturers struggled to keep up with the production! Thankfully, production has caught up, so now you can order jogger pant scrubs for any gender.

You might be reading this article currently and going, “this is for work? Why is it so popular? What’s the point?” Don’t worry, Scrubs of Evans has you covered with all of the details.


Of course, the biggest reason for almost anything these days is comfort! And boy do jogger pant scrubs have those in spades. When most people think of jogger pants, they think of the first pants they put on after a long, hard day at work. That’s how comfy they are! You’ll feel like you’re lounging on your couch even when you’re at home! Jogger pants are often compared to sweatpants for their comfortability factor; just with better fabric to allow breathability. Perfect for a medical professional on the go!

It is recommended that you check your attire policy, however. Some places do not allow the jogger pant style as it can be seen as less professional than a normal scrub. If it doesn’t mention anything, we say buy away! Why not be comfy while you work?


Most companies sell a wide array of sizes from petite to plus size! Here at Scrubs of Evans, we sell from xx-small to 5X! We aim to please and want everyone to enjoy our scrubs, regardless of body type.


For those who don’t know, jogger pants refer to a pant that is loose fitting, while tight around the ankles. Jogger pants are selling like hotcakes to the point where they are even outselling leggings! Move over LuLuLemon, a new contender has entered the ring! Fun night out at the club? Jogger pants! Working out at the gym? Definitely jogger pants. Lounging at home with popcorn, a glass of wine, and your favorite movie? Who wouldn’t want a pair of jogger pants in that situation? They don’t have to just be work pants, they’re so stylish and comfortable you’ll wear them in your free time too.


Before you jump right into the thought that jogger pants should only be worn at home, you should know that is no longer the case. Many people wear them for comfort but also for fashion! Many celebrities wear jogger pants while out and about. Some have even worn them clubbing! What better way to be comfortable at the club while enjoying your time?

Opinions, Opinions

Looking at a jogger pant scrub, you might wonder “why?” And that is totally okay! This style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, many people’s opinions have turned heads.

“… I can truly say I feel WAY cleaner now that the hems of my scrubs never touch the floor. I’d much rather wipe something foul off of my ankle instead of walking in it all day because it’s soaked into the hem of my scrub pants,” says Reddit user Shireenaa. Milleniumfelidae chimed in adding, “I am on the smaller side so the traditional style of scrubs tend to swallow me. The jogger style scrubs fit nicely without adding bulk.” If you weren’t team jogger pants scrub, are you now?

Take a Peek Behind the Curtain

Now that you’ve heard a bunch about jogger pant scrubs, are you convinced that you need to buy some? I know I sure am. Worry not, dear reader, Scrubs of Evans is prepared for you! Let’s look at a few of our wonderful jogger pants.

Momentum 5092 Women’s Pull-On Jogger Pant

First up is our lovely Momentum 5092 Women’s Pull-On Jogger Pant. With seventeen different colors for you to choose from and sizes from xx-small to 3XL, these pants could easily become your new favorite! The waistband is made from micro-knit fabric that has been dyed to match the color of the pant. Six pockets adorn these joggers, with two curved front pockets, two cargo pockets, and two back pockets.

Women’s Pull On Jogger Pant | 5092

  • Women’s jogger leg pant
  • Dyed-to-match micro knit fabric at waistband and leg cuff
  • Dyed-to-match inner drawstring
  • Two front curved pockets with a single decorative tape at the side seam
  • Two cargo patch pockets
  • Two back patch pockets

Grey’s Anatomy Spandex Stretch GRSP550 Murphy Jogger

Don’t worry men, we didn’t forget you! The Greys Anatomy Spandex Stretch GRSP550 Murphy Jogger is the epitome of comfort and fashion. These joggers range from x-small to 5XL with nine gorgeous colors to choose from. Whether it’s at work, at the gym, or home, these pants have the stretch to keep up with any activity! Plus, these pants are sweat and wrinkle-resistant!

Murphy Jogger | GRSP550

  • Stretchy like your favorite workout wear
  • yet sharp and tailored in appearance
  • Murphy scrub pants suit busy healthcare professionals to-a-t. A zip fly
  • 5 pockets
  • and sweat and wrinkle-resistant fabric are among the other thoughtful features.

Med Couture Insight 2711 Jogger

Our next jogger scrubs are the delightful Med Couture Insight 2711 Jogger. With sizes ranging from x-small to 3XL and thirteen colors to choose from, we know these will soon become your favorite scrubs! These joggers have adjustable front ties and are made from breathable 100% polyester. What are you waiting for? Add them to your shopping cart now!

Med Couture Insight Jogger | 2711

  • These athletic inspired-joggers have a yoga waistband and double cargo pockets! You’ll also find the knit ankle cuffs very comfortable. The fabric offers wicking properties and is very breathable.
  • 100% Polyester
  • Adjustable front waist ties
  • Two cargo pockets
  • Jersey knit waistband and ankle cuffs

Barco Unify Rally Jogger

Finally, our Barco Unify Rally Jogger. By far one of our favorites and insanely popular, this jogger comes in 4 colors and ranges from x-small to 5XL. Lightweight, comfortable, and tons of pockets are yours for the taking.

Barco Unify Rally Jogger

  • Our most elevated men’s scrub pant to date. This reimagined jogger includes elevated details and after-work-worthy styling. Featuring our Luxe360 fabric
  • an encased elastic waistband
  • zip fly
  • and plenty of pockets.

Looking for more scrubs? Scrubs of Evans has all you’ll ever need! Take a peek at our inventory of joggers here. Feel free to contact us for more information. Also, join the Scrub Club and receive promotions, updates about new arrivals, and automatic entry in all contests!