Why Busy Medical Professionals Should Choose Allura By Cherokee Scrubs from Scrubs of Evans

At Scrubs of Evans, we’re fortunate to carry the world’s top brands of medical uniforms, compression socks, shoes, and accessories for the professionals who need them. High-quality apparel can provide a professional look and comfort, functionality, and utility for the person wearing them.

One of the lines we carry is Cherokee—more specifically, one of their newest offerings called Allura by Cherokee.

The last thing a medical professional needs to worry about is being stuffy, itchy, and uncomfortable during their shift. To that end, Cherokee Allura was born. Introduced in 2020, this is fashionable and practical, with four-way stretch, enhanced moisture-wicking, and styles designed to fit a range of body types. Each piece is made with performance fabric

The slogan for this specific collection is ‘Teamwork in action’, and it couldn’t be more fitting. Thanks to a range of fits, styles, and colors, this is a collection your whole team can get behind, to create a cohesive look for your department, or if you want to outfit your clinic staff in one color!

Let’s learn more about this line and the company’s many wonderful facets that carefully create them.

Cherokee Uniforms: Over 50 Years of Excellence

Since 1972, Cherokee has been known for its functionality and ease, with their ready-to-wear clothing becoming a popular choice among healthcare workers worldwide. Their medical uniforms are available in many fabrics, colors, designs, styles, and sizes.

Cherokee understands the significant contribution healthcare employees make to society and strives to be champions. Inspired Comfort is the company’s tagline. It recognizes the devotion and sacrifice that healthcare workers deliver comfort to others. It also represents the stylish and practical nature of their medical uniforms.

As a company, Cherokee puts a great deal of care back into the community via scholarships, awards, and more.

Allura by Cherokee Offers Something For Everyone

The Allura collection has something for everyone, inclusive of size, shape, and individual taste. Let’s learn more about a few of our pieces!

Currently, in stock, we have a mid-rise jogger, a tapered leg drawstring pants, two types of v-neck scrub tops, and a zip-front jacket, in both men’s and women’s styles.These coordinating garments create a cohesive professional image, with over 10 color offerings and an inclusive size range.

You can find all the above-mentioned pieces along with all Allura by Cherokee items here.

Medical Professionals

Why Scrubs of Evans is Proud To Carry Cherokee Products?

We have a wide selection of Cherokee options on our site. We’re delighted to be able to partner with a progressive and compassionate company that is not only concerned about the comfort and ease of medical professionals’ clothing aimed to make their jobs easier but for the community, country, and world as a whole.

Work with Scrubs of Evans for Your Medical Uniform Needs

Scrubs of Evans believes scrubs may be practical and fashionable. Keen on purchasing Cherokee brand scrubs? Work with our team.

As mentioned, the Allura line is ideal for groups and individuals alike. All members of your team, no matter how many people or the sizes require can be comfortable, matching, and cohesive.

Get in contact with the professionals at Scrubs of Evans for more information. You can also join the Scrub Club to receive special offers, alerts on new arrivals, and automatic entrance into contests!