5 Reasons Why We Proudly Carry HH Works by Healing Hands at Scrubs of Evans

Comfort should never be sacrificed in the name of style. We strive to offer our brave men and women in healthcare only the best so they can always be at peak performance. This is why at Scrubs of Evans, we are proud to carry the HH Works collection by Healing Hands.

What’s so special about Healing Hands?

We are glad you asked! This article will cover 5 reasons why you should consider making the switch today.

Why HH Works by Healing Hands Is Turning Heads in Practices across America

A Heartfelt Backstory

In 1997, 43-year-old Bansi Lakhani suffered a massive heart attack. If not for the dedication and care of the nurses who treated him, his life might not have been saved. After his recovery, he vowed to repay the “angels” who kept him.

The experience convinced him that the scratchy, ill-fitting scrubs he saw worn by his nurses needed upgrading. He knew he could design a collection of comfortable and fashionable scrubs.

Now, nurses all around the world enjoy wearing Healing Hands!

Giving Back to Heroes Who Save Lives Every Single Day

Taking care of others means giving back to the community. Health Care Workers and Nurses who have dedicated their lives to helping others benefit from donations made by Healing Hands. This is nothing new for HH; it is the heroes that inspired them to make scrubs in the first place. Healing Hands is more than a brand name. Instead, it honors those who have served and cared for those in need.

They have partnered with the American Nurses Association and the American Accosication of Colleges of Nurses to aid millions of healthcare professionals.

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing recently launched the AACN Foundation for Academic Nursing. By choosing to purchase Healing Hands branded products, you are supporting AACN’s mission to advance academic nursing and their work establishing quality standards for nursing education. Also, it helps schools implement those standards, influencing the nursing profession to improve health care and providing philanthropic support for professional nursing education, research, and practice.

Being There When Things are Tough

When COVID began to take hold in early 2020, Healing Hands donated over 4.5 million units of scrubs and millions of dollars of PPE to frontline workers across the United States. Healing Hands also donated a significant portion of its profits to various healthcare organizations.

There has never been another time in history when so many people have needed so much new PPE as they have during the COVID 19 pandemic. When frontline workers were more needed than ever, Healing Hands was there to support them.

Additionally, as healthcare workers got more and more overwhelmed, the importance of comfortable PPE grew ever more apparent. Providing comfortable scrubs to the doctors and nurses working countless hours of overtime helped them make that terrible time just a little bit easier.

Promoting Education

Healing Hands operates a scholarship in cooperation with Homes of Hope India that helps marginalized girls in India pursue their dreams of getting a career in nursing. This program operates in 25 locations across India and helps provide a loving environment for orphaned, abandoned, and trafficked girls.

This helps young girls escape the horrors of living on the streets and provides them with the encouragement and skills they need to move ahead in life. Some of the girls have been nurses, office workers, fashion designers, and computer programmers. This gives girls a chance to break the cycle of poverty.

In 2021 alone, Healing Hands funded five scholarships which included room and board for those who received them. This is another way Healing Hands is helping marginalized girls and young women to get a better chance at reaching the success they want to achieve.

The Quality Products

Even if you agree with a brand’s message and mission, you must believe in the quality of its products. Healing Hands’ products are made with frontline healthcare workers in mind and are designed from the ground up to suit their needs.

Nurses and doctors will know that a standard set of scrubs consists of scratchy and stiff material. The fit is unflattering, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. Furthermore, the color options are limited, and the clothes are missing quality of life features like extra pockets or stretchy material.

Healing Hands HH Works scrubs are different. It starts with the choice of 20 colors of high-quality, breathable, 4-way stretch fabric. The scrubs also have helpful features that you don’t find on other scrubs, like extra pockets and comfortable waistbands flattering for any body type. This is why we like HH Works’ line of scrubs that much more: they’re not only made for comfort but also use a 91% Polyester and 9% Spandex blend so that they are easy to clean while still being durable also—all the while looking great in multiple colors!

Healing Hands also offers a wide range of products and styles for men and women, such as the HH Works 4001 Long Sleeve Tunic Length Top and the HH Works 5590 Warm-Up Zip Front Jacket. The range of pant styles includes joggers and more traditional pieces, with either elastic waistbands or drawstrings, depending on your preference. They also have a line of incredibly comfortable maternity wear so you have one less thing to worry about while expecting.

We are proud to be dealers of HH Work by Healing Hands products. Even if you don’t consider all of the fantastic support work the company does with scholarships, charities, and covid relief, they still provide a quality product that stands on its own as something worth purchasing. When you factor in their passion for making the world a better place, it is even easier to do business with them.

At Scrubs of Evans, we believe that scrubs can be comfortable and stylish. If you’re looking to buy Healing Hands brand scrubs for yourself or are interested in ordering them in bulk, contact the team at Scrubs of Evans for more information. You can also join the Scrub Club to receive promotions, new arrival updates, and automatic entry in all contests!