Scrubs of Evans has served the community Since 2008!

Scrubs of Evans Creation

Mark and Heather Harrell met while he was pursuing a degree in business and she in nursing at Augusta State University. After marrying and building a life together, they prayed about combining their passions and opening a small business in Evans. Their prayers and vision became a reality in 2009 when they opened Scrubs of Evans.  Mark runs the business while Heather still serves in the local medical community as a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). “We really took my business background and her nursing background and brought them together to create our business,” says Mark. “Everything we created was based on a healthcare worker’s perspective.”

Scrub Collections

They decided to launch their business as a locally owned business so that they could carefully choose the products they carry. “We wanted to bring quality medical apparel to the market,” explains Mark. “We like to take the best brands in the industry and select the best styles for our community here in Augusta.”

The scrubs featured at Scrubs of Evans are fashion-forward with comfortable athletic-style fabrics. With well-known brands like Healing Hands, Cherokee, Med Couture, Grey’s Anatomy, and IRG, their selection is full of choices.  They also offer a great selection of Sockwell compression socks and Dansko footwear.

Discover Our Unique Scrub Shopping Experience

Scrubs of Evans goal is to make shopping for scrubs a fulfilling experience by learning about each customer’s needs. “Since we are a faith-based business, it’s very important to us to build a relationship with each customer,” says Mark. “All of our team is trained to build relationships and create a dynamic experience with the customer.”

“We have a great team that can help get customers in the product that will be a perfect fit for them,” adds Mark. “They know every scrub we have…., so if you walk in our door, they will know based on the person’s body type and what the person’s preferences are, what the best sets in our inventory will be for the client.”

Scrubs & Groups

In addition, Mark enjoys working with medical practices of all sizes. “A big part of our industry is creating a professional, branded image for medical practices,” says Mark. “It’s a passion of mine to work with the practice managers in the community.” Mark strives to make this process easy by offering on-site consultations to assess needs and develop a plan. He also works with practice managers to schedule fittings either on-site or in the store.  After the order is filled, scrubs are individually bagged and delivered.

Passion for Serving The Medical Community

We serve the community through our local store, online, and working with local practices!  The real reason why we do what we do is that we have a passion for serving our community.  We do this by helping customers create a confident, professional image they are going to be extremely comfortable in!”

If you would like to discover new scrubs, come by Scrubs of Evans today!  We would love to connect with you and help you discover the scrubs you love at our physical location at 4158 Washington Road, Evans, GA 30809 or on our website at!