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Does your entire organization wear scrubs? Lab coats? Maybe you’re the practice administrator or office manager and you’re in charge of ordering the scrubs for your office. But we all know how difficult it is to manage your day-to-day duties while also filling out scrub orders.

That’s why Scrubs of Evans started a group ordering program to make your life easier. Not to mention the perks of group ordering—but we’ll tell you about those later! When you place a group order through Scrubs of Evans, you can depend on the process being simple, convenient, and easy because you are dealing with a reputable company.

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Scrubs Group Ordering Perks

Ordering medical scrubs in bulk comes with several benefits! For instance, it’s much more convenient than purchasing individual sets. Furthermore, Scrubs of Evans offers discounted rates when you purchase scrubs in bulk! Just make sure you contact us for special offers.

Scrubs are no longer bland and boring these days—or at least, they don’t have to be! They now come in many shapes, styles, colors, and patterns, even—especially at Scrubs of Evans. By group ordering through us, you get the advantages of a wide selection while making sure everyone has matching uniforms to make your practice look more professional.

Pluis, Scrubs of Evans offers free consultations AND free logo set ups—creating value that many other scrubs retailers offer! We’ll walk you step-by-step through the process, so you know your employees are in good hands.

How Group Ordering Improves the Patient Experience

In 2014, a study showed that 68% of U.S. adults struggled to identify hospital staff based on their uniforms. Here are three reasons why your organization should place a group order through Scrubs of Evans:

1. A consistent presentation reduces stress.

Making staff uniforms easily identifiable helps calm nerves and keep the focus on patients. Differentiating staff members based on their positions is easier with a color-coded uniform program.

2. Looking unified, presentable, and professional builds trust.

Inconsistent uniform quality, dirty uniforms, and faded fabric give the impression of low quality and incompetence among caregivers. If you want your employees to appear professional, ensure they wear uniforms with logo embroidery that are always of high quality, no matter what their roles entail.

3. Consistent branding builds stronger relationships with patients.

Patients and prospective patients regard uniforms as an important part of your organization’s image. Cohesive branding across all areas of your practice helps your team convey a positive message of who you are and how you care.

Apart from the benefits from the patient’s perspective, a uniform program frees your staff from having to think about what to wear each day. Those who wish to express themselves can add flair to their uniforms with colorful ID badge holders, badge embellishments, or distinctive footwear without sacrificing the integrity of the uniform.

How to Ensure Your Uniform Program is Successful

Group of Office Healthcare Group Medical Scrub

Does a group uniform program sound like a hassle to you? It doesn’t have to be.

Here are the six ways you can ensure a group uniform program is successful at your medical facility.

1. Customization

You should tailor your uniform program to meet your specific requirements, whether you choose to offer each employee a company-subsidized number of uniform sets, a yearly allowance to spend on uniforms or payroll deductions.

Consider having a custom scrubs print based on your organization’s logo for a truly branded appearance.

2. Survey Your Staff

Employee morale can suffer if the new dress code isn’t accepted. Make the process fun and get employees involved! Hold a fashion show, ask them to vote on styles and colors, and award uniform sets as prizes.

3. On-Site Fittings

The last thing you want to do is pick a uniform style for your staff that fits one body type and not the other. This is America, and it’s full of diverse people who deserve to feel comfortable in their work uniforms. That’s why Scrubs of Evans offers on-site fittings for all groups, and even keeps selections on file for new hires.

4. Organized Delivery

There’s nothing worse than having to open, sort, and distribute thousands of boxes of uniforms. Find a vendor who can package, label, and ship each employee’s order to your specifications. Request, for example, that each department in each of your facilities receives a bundle according to the manager’s name.

5. Personal Services

Your job probably involves more than uniforms. To handle the uniform program process from beginning to end, you’ll need a dedicated account manager and a customer service team to assist your staff with style selections and sizing questions. A smart uniform program can even bring the fitting process to you—whether via an on-site fitting or a sample scrub delivery right to your facility. Personalized service can make the implementation of your uniform program a positive experience.

6. The Right Vendor

Uniform providers are not all created equal. Find a vendor who can provide all of these services and more. Group uniforms should be the company’s specialty to ensure they can roll out a complex uniform program in the simplest, smartest, and most efficient manner.

Place your scrubs group orders through Scrubs of Evans and ensure your business gets the personalized attention it deserves. We’ll do group fittings for your team, bag up your order by the employee, and deliver it—all the office manager has to do is pay.

Office Administrator Placing OnDemand Scrub Order

How to Prepare Your Group Order

Here is a shortlist of some helpful tips when you prepare your group order:

1. Make sure you’re organized.

It’s NOT easy to put a group into uniforms that make everyone happy. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Contact us to help you get organized. Don’t hesitate to email or call us with any questions or concerns prior to placing your order. Make sure you have plenty of time and plan ahead.

2. Take accurate measurements.

Our products all have size charts on their purchasing pages. They show the recommended garment size based on specific body measurements. The accuracy of size charts, however, depends on both the manufacturer’s ability to reproduce identically sized garments and the accuracy of the measurements themselves. Additionally, size charts do not account for possible shrinkage after a garment has been washed several times or the desired fit of the person that will be wearing it.

The majority of returns are due to incorrect sizing, so please review our size charts. Qualified accounts may also qualify for a fit line for the products they wish to order. Talk to your Scrubs of Evans sales representative for details.

3. Know what’s available for your needs.

Why aren’t more prints available? Almost all prints, and even some fashion colors, are only printed “seasonally.” Unless otherwise indicated by the manufacturer, printed garments and fashion colors are available for only one or two season periods. This could potentially complicate the process of purchasing uniforms for new hires. Therefore, if a print is needed for a longer duration, we will be pleased to check with the manufacturer for a timeframe on its availability.

A good idea to get around this is by purchasing extra uniforms to have on hand during out-of-season availability.

4. Let us know if you require custom sizes and alterations.

As we stated above, medical professionals come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, depending on the brand and the total number of garments in the order, small alterations or size increases may be available.

Please contact us if you are unable to find what you require on our website or in-store, or if you have an unusual request. We’ll do our best to help you.

5. Plan Ahead

Keep in mind future orders now, such as new hires, shrinkage, and worn-out uniforms. For uniforms to remain consistent in shrinkage and color fade over time, it is recommended they be universally washed. But uniforms do not last a lifetime. As they are worn and washed excessively, they must be replaced.

Why Choose Scrubs of Evans?

When you choose Scrubs of Evans over other commerce scrub merchandisers, you’re choosing high-quality customer service, and also access to medical attire that beats all the rest, second to none!

If you’re interested in ordering medical scrubs in bulk, contact the team at Scrubs of Evans for more information. And don’t forget to join the Scrub Club to receive promotions, new arrival updates, and automatic entry in all contests!