Scrubs Made for You: Med Couture Insight Collection

If you work in the healthcare industry, there is a high chance that more than 50% of your life is spent wearing scrubs. Clearly, as a healthcare professional, you need scrubs that work as hard as you do—but, that’s no reason to compromise on fashion.

So, where can you find scrubs that are of high quality, comfortable, durable, and made to satisfy all your needs—while making you look stylish and professional?

This sounds like a job for the Med Couture Insight Collection, available at Scrubs of Evans! Keep reading to find out more about the different options available in this collection, and why many medical professionals love the scrubs from Med Couture.

About the Med Couture Insight Collection

Med Couture is a reputable and reliable manufacturer and distributor of medical apparel, scrubs, lab coats, women’s fashion scrubs, men’s scrubs, and other fashion medical uniforms. With deep roots in the #scrublife culture, Med Couture has recently introduced their Insight Collection—a line of functional but beautiful scrubs for healthcare heroes like you.

Amidst the busy life of a healthcare professional, you have probably given up hope of ever finding a pair of scrubs that are comfortable, high-performing, long-lasting, and make you look like the pro you are. But, the Insight Collection is the “A-ha!” moment you’ve been waiting for to realize you can have it all!

Inspired by athletic and athleisure wear, the Insight Collection combines practical features, super-soft performance fabric, and elevated style. This along with the perfect fit, drape, and clever details means this popular Med Couture collection is designed to provide you with maximum style and utility.

The Med Couture Insight Collection at Scrubs of Evans

Whether you want your scrubs to scream “confident,” “dependable,” “professional,” “trustworthy,” “fashionable,” or all of the above, the Insight Collection has something for you. Remember, irrespective of size, gender, and function, “We’ve got you—and, you’ve got this!”Order Med Couture’s Insight Collection from Scrub of Evans.


Scrubs for Everyone

The days of one-size-fits-all scrubs are in the past. Med Couture understands that healthcare workers come in all sizes and shapes and that every single one of them deserves quality scrubs that are comfortable to wear and work in. Not only do we offer joggers, tops, and warm-ups for men and women, we also have several plus-size options, ranging from XS to 5x!

Scrub of Evans shares Med Couture’s passion for ensuring everyone feels comfortable in their work uniforms. For this reason, Scrubs of Evans offers on-site fittings for all groups, and even keeps selections on file for new employees.


As healthcare professionals, you need durable scrubs that can withstand the rigors of caring for your patients every day. Your scrubs will probably have to deal with being machined washed regularly, as coming into contact with bodily fluids is not that uncommon in the profession.

The scrubs from the Insight by Med Couture Collection are definitely up for the job. They are designed to work with you for a long period of time, and you don’t have to worry about machine washes ruining them.

Pockets, Pockets, & Pockets!

When it comes to scrubs, most healthcare workers will agree that more pockets are always better. It is quite useful to have supplies at hand—whether it is alcohol pads, pens, notepads, a stethoscope, or just your ID badge. After all, nobody wants to keep making trips back to supply rooms or their desk.

Once again, the Insight Collection does not disappoint. Items in this collection come with multiple front, zipper, and cargo pockets to make life easier for you at work.

Comfort and Style

The super soft and stretchable fabric made with expertly engineered 100% polyester moves with you as you care for your patients. Its light performance fabric with wicking makes it perfect for the sunny weather.

Moreover, you will never have to compromise on style or fit with Med Couture. The Insight Collection is available in 12 colors and various sizes, so everyone can find the perfect fit and style to match their taste and needs.


They are priced at only $20–$30 per piece, making them a great and affordable option for medical students, newbies entering the field, and couples starting a new family.

Group of Office Healthcare Workers

Ideal for Groups

With sizes ranging from XS to 5X and a wide variety of color palettes available, the Insight Collection is great for group orders. From helping you find the right fit for all your employees to customizations that meet your specific requirements, Scrub of Evans will work with you to find the scrub uniforms that you and your staff will love.

If you desire group scrubs for your healthcare practice, check out our Group Scrub Program.

Scrubs of Evans Will Outfit You Head-to-Toe

We’re proud to supply medical professionals with durable, high-quality apparel that will only add function to their busy jobs and lifestyles. The Scrubs of Evans team would love to answer any questions related to our products. Get in touch with our team anytime!